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Detox Services
Detoxification from drugs and alcohol and client stabilization is the first step toward recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Support Systems Homes ensures that detoxification is safe and humane for each client. Expert clinical staff, a safe, supportive environment, and an introduction to the principles of recovery are key to a successful, comfortable detoxification experience. more ...
Residential Treatment
Support Systems Homes' CARF-accredited, state licensed residential treatment program offers support and structure for men and women suffering from the disease of substance abuse. Clients stay at one of our facilities for the course of the program and participate in educational groups, group counseling, individual counseling and other recovery-related activities. Opportunities for exercise/recreation, visiting and family activities are also offered. While this is an intensive level of care, lengths of stay are tailored to individual needs. Our expert counseling and medical teams are dedicated to providing services that demonstrate long-term, tangible results. more...

Day Treatment
For those who require slightly less structure than a "live-in" program, Day Treatment may be the appropriate level of care. Clients attend groups during the day, following a schedule similar to that of our residential clients, but return home after each day’s treatment. This treatment modality provides structure and support while helping the client begin integrating back into daily life. more...
Outpatient Treatment
We offer flexible outpatient programs offered at convenient times to support those working and going to school. Outpatient Treatment gives the individual an opportunity to interact in a real world environment while benefiting from a peer-oriented, structured therapeutic program. more...
Family Programs
Research indicates that family involvement in treatment is crucial for long-term recovery. In order to provide support, information and resources, Support Systems Homes has developed a Family Education Program to meet the needs of those who have been impacted by another person's alcohol or drug problem. more...
Sober Living Environments (SLEs)
Sober living plays a critical role in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Support Systems Homes has numerous SLEs in the California Bay Area that provide ongoing recovery support.  These homes are available to assist clients transitioning from treatment programs and other individuals seeking safe, supportive, drug and alcohol-free sober living. more...
Free Lifetime Aftercare
Continuing support upon completion of treatment is the key to a healthy recovery.  Support Systems Homes provides free weekly Aftercare groups for program graduates. more...


We Are Here To Help You Now
If you or someone you know is struggling with the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism CALL US NOW. Treatment at Support Systems Homes is covered by many insurance plans, and we offer affordable rates of self-pay clients.

For confidential inquiries and admissions information, please call us at 1-888-848-8812.



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Our Sober Living Homes provide a safe, supportive environment for continuing recovery from addiction and alcoholism.