Support Systems Homes...Our Treatment Philosophy and Core Values

Treatment Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide services that combine treatment of the mind and body with education and skills development -- this is the key the addict or alcoholic requires for the lifelong journey of recovery.  Through this approach, Support Systems Homes' treatment programs offer hope to those struggling with the devastating consequences of chemical dependency.  Our comprehensive system of treatment services is based on the beliefs that:

  1. Abstinence from alcohol and mind-altering drugs must be maintained in order to appropriately treat clients.
  2. Recovery must be an ongoing process, taking into account each aspect of life that is altered by alcohol and drug use.  We emphasize treatment of the physical, emotional, spiritual, and family aspects of addiction and alcoholism.
    Treatment at Support Systems Homes is the beginning of a new way of life.  We provide the necessary exposure to recovery principles and work at removing barriers that may prevent acceptance of those principles.  This is accomplished in a warm, peer-oriented environment, guided by compassionate, professional staff. 
Addiction and alcoholism are chronic, fatal diseases.  Due to their devastating impact on all facets of life, we offer several levels of care, some of which are not time-limited.  From Social Model Detoxification to Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, and sober living, Support Systems Homes provides supportive, substance-free environments with varying amounts of structure.  Thus, the often-difficult transition into mainstream society can be accomplished while helping clients gain the necessary recovery tools.
Staff and program participants work together as a team to develop individualized treatment plans that treat the person as a whole-body, mind and spirit.  Team-based treatment and aftercare planning, alcohol and other drug education, exposure to 12 step recovery principles, 12 step programs, and the local recovery community are integral parts of our curriculum. 

Building a strong network of support is essential for recovering addicts and alcoholics to maintain sobriety and grow in recovery.  Support Systems Homes recognized this, and in response, founded an alumni association that sponsors year-round social and recreational activities, as well as a free, lifetime aftercare program to help keep clients involved in recovery.

Core Values

Support Systems Homes is guided by a set of core values intrinsic to services provided and evidenced in our relationships with clients, staff, and stakeholders. Since our inception, we have incorporated these core values throughout our programs and services:
Dignity and Respect
Often, those beginning the journey of recovery are suffering not only from the disease of addiction itself, but the consequences that accompany it, including a devastating lack of self-worth.  At Support Systems Homes, we understand and promote the importance of showing those struggling with addictions that they are deserving of respect and are on a path that will naturally lead to the recovery of their dignity.

Providing Quality Services
Our professional staff combines skill with compassion to effectively deliver services to clients.
Advocating for Clients
Support Systems Homes' staff serve as client advocates both on an individual basis, and by continually working within our communities to reduce the stigma associated with chemical dependency.


We Are Here To Help You Now
If you or someone you know is struggling with the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism CALL US NOW. Treatment at Support Systems Homes is covered by many insurance plans, and we offer affordable rates of self-pay clients.

For confidential inquiries and admissions information, please call us at 1-888-848-8812.



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