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Sober Living Environments (SLES / Sober Houses)

Sober living plays a critical role in the process of recovering from drug and alcohol abuse.  Support Systems Homes' Sober Living Environments assist clients transitioning from residential treatment and other individuals seeking a safe, supportive, drug-free place to live.  From our SLEs, clients begin interacting with the community, looking for employment (or continuing at their current job), and further develop their network of recovery support.  SLEs are structured so that clients continue to attend community-based self-help groups, working on their personal recovery in conjunction with reintegrating into society.

At Support Systems, sober living home residents safely experience the transition back into the community and day-to-day life with a group of individuals doing the same.  Each home is supervised by a House Manager and Assistant who ensure that the SLE offer structure and strong peer support.  Clients work, attend treatment, or attend school during the day and engage in recovery activities in the evenings.

Support Systems Homes' SLEs have trained, professional, compassionate staff members who are experienced in the recovery process.

SLEs services include:

  • Residency in a safe, home-like environment with a group of peers
  • Nightly recovery-oriented meetings
  • Ensuring personal accountability through a structured program
  • Drug testing
  • Assistance with job searches
  • Court Liaison Services
  • Long-term Aftercare and recovery planning
  • Referral to a vast network of community resources

Support Systems Homes has sober houses throughout Santa Clara county.


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If you or someone you know is struggling with the diseases of drug addiction and alcoholism CALL US NOW. Treatment at Support Systems Homes is covered by many insurance plans, and we offer affordable rates of self-pay clients.

For confidential inquiries and admissions information, please call us at 1-888-848-8812.


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Our Sober Living Homes provide a safe, supportive environment for continuing recovery from addiction and alcoholism.