Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800
Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800

It's Time to Recover from Addiction

Using drugs or alcohol?
Looking for a way to quit?
Do you live in Northern California, or close to it?
Then you’re in the right place for recovery.

Affordable Treatment Programs

For alcoholism & drug addiction, sober living homes, and more.
Everything you need to recover.
Short-term and long-term rehab programs available.

Don't Let COVID Keep You from Help with Addiction

We’ve upgraded every San Jose facility’s safety precautions, to keep you safe from ALL dangers.

Helping Those Dealing With Addiction Reclaim Their Lives Since 1990

All Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services in One Place. Serving Northern California and Beyond.

Finding the addiction treatment location that works for you isn’t easy. The first step is always the hardest.

Let us help you take that step. You’ll find customizable treatment programs, meant to support your unique needs, here at our San Jose rehab centers.

Start reclaiming your life from addiction today. It only takes one call to find out which program works for your needs.

Choose Your Own Addiction Treatment Program

Your rehab program must provide you with a solid foundation the whole time. That’s why we provide a choice of programs, each flexible enough to support you through your unique detox & rehab process.

Safe Treatment from Day 1 with Medical Professionals On Staff and On-Call

At Support Systems Homes you’ll find a comfortable treatment program with certified medical professionals helping you. We monitor the detoxification process, guide you through the rehab program, and check in throughout recovery to keep you safe & healthy.

You CAN recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Call 800-811-1800 now to start your treatment. All calls are confidential.

También somos un centro de rehabilitación para hispanohablantes. Eres bienvenido aquí.

The SSH Blog

Learn About the Addiction Treatment Process, Rehab Programs, and Research on Addiction


  • They helped my best friend overcome his alcohol addiction and I’m forever grateful for that. These guys care about the people they help and are passionate about what they do.

    My Best Friend Overcome His Alcoholism
  • My sister almost died until she found Support System Homes; they gave her a new life. Today she has a good job and a happy family. Thank you for everything you did to help her.

    SSH Gave My Sister a New Life
  • To give Support Systems Homes five stars would be an understatement as I owe them my life. I had been struggling with an addiction to painkillers for several years and my habit almost killed me twice. It was after the second incident that I seek professional help and Support Systems Homes was there to help. I have now been clean for 10 years thanks to their help and support.

    God bless them and the work they have done.

    Five Stars Would Be an Understatement
  • This place changed my life, simple as that. I wouldn’t be alive, a father of two, happily married, and working a good job if I had not been here. Forever grateful for all the hard work the counselors did for me, even though I was a complete pain in the ass and nearly did not make it.

    This place changed my life, simple as that.
  • The tools I learned and the support group I have is all thanks to the team at Support Systems Homes. I have a LIFE today because of Support Systems Homes! Forever part of my Glory!!

    Thanks to the Team at Support Systems Homes
  • Things are very different after the experience, having met the people. [Treatment was] very eye-opening to things I wasn’t conscious of…mainly myself. Being in the setting was very therapeutic. I didn’t think that would be the case, that anything would get done. You ran it so well, with so much structure, that every exercise was very insightful.

    The Program's Great


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