Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800
Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800

About The Support Systems Homes Treatment Centers

Based in San Jose, Serving Northern California & Beyond

Support Systems Homes (SSH) is an internationally accredited, state-licensed and certified substance abuse treatment provider dedicated to the innovative and cost-effective treatment of substance use disorders (drug/alcohol addiction).

Based in Northern California, our rehab facilities offer a comprehensive structure of treatment programs, sober living environments, and services for those suffering from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab Centers

30 Years of Drug Rehab Help

Support Systems Homes began in 1990 intending to provide treatment of the highest quality, for the most affordable rates, to all those in need. In the thirty years since, our staff has supported California communities through rehab programs, outreach, education, and involvement in 12-step programs.

SSH focuses on helping our clients achieve and maintain abstinence from mind-altering substances, learn new methods to cope with life issues, and reintegrate into society as stable, productive individuals. Every client is treated with dignity and respect in the recovery process as the transformation from despair, hopelessness, and fear to a renewed vision of life unfolds.

No matter the level of care, SSH provides supportive, drug-free environments with highly qualified, trained staff on hand. Clients can participate in individual and group counseling, educational groups, make use of job preparation assistance, training in life skills improvement, lifetime aftercare, and the peer support so crucial to achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety.

Our staff and policies emphasize integrity, personal accountability, and most importantly, hope for those suffering from the diseases of alcoholism and addiction. We run an ongoing quality improvement process, too. So if you have a question or want to suggest something, an SSH staff member will be happy to listen!

Our Philosophy of Treatment for Substance Abuse:

“Provide a combined addiction treatment for healing the mind, body, and spirit together. Use counseling, education, structure, and skills development to help clients regain their lives.”

This is the key you need for a life-long journey of recovery. Through this approach, Support Systems Homes’ treatment programs offer hope to those struggling with the devastating consequences of substance use disorders.

We base our comprehensive system of treatment services on the belief that:

  • Abstinence from alcohol and mind-altering drugs must be maintained in order to appropriately treat clients.
  • Recovery must be an ongoing process, taking into account each aspect of life that is altered by substance misuse. We emphasize holistic treatment.

Treatment at Support Systems Homes is the beginning of a new way of life. We provide the necessary exposure to recovery principles and work at removing barriers that may prevent acceptance of those principles. SSH accomplishes this in a warm, peer-oriented environment, guided by compassionate, professional staff.

Treatment Structured to Your Life and Your Needs

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a chronic, fatal disease. Due to its devastating impact on all facets of life, we offer several levels of care, each customized by time, structure, and intensity.

From Detoxification to Residential Treatment, to Day Treatment, to Outpatient Treatment, to Sober Living Environments, Support Systems Homes provides supportive, substance-free environments with varying amounts of structure. Thus, the often-difficult transition into mainstream society can occur while helping clients gain the necessary recovery tools.

Staff and program participants work together as a team to develop individualized treatment plans that treat the person as a whole-body, mind and spirit. You may find yoga in one plan, or music therapy in another. (We have an excellent music therapy program – check our Services page for more on it!)

Every SSH treatment program includes some form of the following, based on your plan: Team-based treatment activities, alcohol and other drug education, exposure to 12 step recovery principles, 12 step programs, and involvement in the local recovery community.

Building a strong network of support is essential for those in recovery. To address this, Support Systems Homes:

  • Founded an alumni association that sponsors year-round social and recreational activities.
  • Created a free, lifetime aftercare program to help keep clients involved in recovery.

Client Privacy

Your information is kept private. Period.

We protect all of our systems and websites with high-level security, in order to safeguard any & all information you give us. We want this to become your road to recovery, in full confidence and comfort.

See for yourself – here’s our Privacy Policy.

Addiction Recovery Aftercare
Insurances Accepted at SSH 1
Insurances Accepted at SSH 2

If you’re concerned about paying for treatment, you can relax. You’re in the right place for starting your recovery.

At Support Systems Homes, you’ll find the highest-quality treatment for an affordable rate in Northern California.

What does “rehab” cost?

The short answer: It depends. But not as much as you might think.

Costs vary by treatment program. For example, a Day Treatment program requires less of a time commitment than Residential Rehab, so it would cost less. But it could take longer to finish the program.

What’s most important is that you choose a treatment program that suits your needs & your situation.

Saving a few dollars now isn’t worth a painful relapse and slide back into addiction later.

Accepted Payment Methods for Addiction Treatment with SSH

We accept both insurance and private-pay.

You Can Use Insurance for Rehab!

Many insurance companies cover all or part of the costs associated with substance abuse treatment at Support Systems Homes. This includes most HMOs, Employee Assistance Plans, and standard company insurance policies.

We work closely with insurance providers, employee assistance professionals, and unions to arrange payment details.

You’ll find the insurance providers we accept on the left.

Is your insurance not on the list? Contact us anyway. We’ll check with your insurance provider & see what we can work out for you.

Private Pay

Don’t have insurance? No problem. We offer a substantial discount for private pay clients across all of our programs. Pay by VISA, MasterCard, or American Express.

(Please remember to provide payment information during your initial assessment. Otherwise, your insurance plan may not cover the cost of these services.)

Call us for help! 408-370-9688 for the San Jose area, or 800-811-1800 throughout Northern California.


Support Systems Homes treatment programs have been CARF-accredited since 2000, and are California State-licensed or -certified, as applicable. This maintains our rehab programs’ high quality and accountability.

Support Systems Homes has received 3-year accreditation* from CARF, The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for the following programs:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Treatment
  • Day Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment

(*A three-year accreditation outcome represents the highest level of accreditation. It’s only awarded to organizations that show substantial fulfillment of CARF standards.)

According to CARF’s survey:

“Clients reported very positive experiences throughout treatment. Clients described staff as compassionate, and they reported intensive learning experiences that have taken them into recovery. The clients interviewed shared that staff respected them and treated them with the highest level of importance.”​

SSH is also a LegitScript Certified Addiction Treatment Provider. LegitScript is a private certification body for safe addiction treatment services & advertising. Certification demonstrates that our facilities comply with LegitScript’s certification standards, which help ensure transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Visit their Certification Standards page for more details.

LegitScript Authorized Addiction Treatment Provider

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