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Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800

Addiction Treatment Services

How the SSH Addiction Treatment Programs Work

What does it mean to “reclaim your life?”

Each year, substance abuse affects millions of Americans as well as their families, friends, employers, and communities. Without proper treatment, the body deteriorates, the mind degrades, and the spirit withers.

What counters this? Hope. Hope for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow you reach with small, step-by-step changes. When those changes bring you to that better tomorrow, when you’ve conquered your addiction…you’ve reclaimed the life you had.

When you’ve helped thousands reach that tomorrow, when your approach to rehabilitation succeeds over & over, it’s safe to say that you can expect our treatment programs to work.

Drug Rehabilitation and Substance Abuse Treatment—Program Overview

We base our programs on these two statements:

  1. Addiction is a disease that you CAN cure – through abstinence, self-improvement, caring, and support.
  2. Recovery is an ongoing process, addressing each aspect of life affected by alcohol/drug use (physical, emotional, spiritual, family).

From there, we focus on giving you hope. Our programs do that through three “pillars.”

Rehabilitation Pillar #1 – Dignity. You (or your loved one) are suffering. You deserve help, not judgment. Everyone who calls us, as well as their family & friends, receives welcoming, respectful treatment. Hope can spring from the very moment you call asking about rehab services…so that’s where we start offering it.

To further that hope, our staff serves as your client advocate in legal matters, as well as getting back on your feet post-recovery.

Rehabilitation Pillar #2 – Structure. The tool our program graduates cite as most important to their recovery? Our program structure. Refined through 20 years, every treatment program uses a layered structure to guide you toward your goals of sobriety. Daily activities, how we run the counseling sessions, when & where we do checks…all tested and validated as the most effective for recovery from addiction.

Rehabilitation Pillar #3 – Recognition. Rehabilitation from addictive substances (alcohol, opioids, meth, etc.) is NOT easy. We know; many of our staff went through it themselves. That’s why we offer lifetime aftercare (free of charge!). Why we encourage family support via counseling & participation in the treatment programs. Why we take every client’s individual situation seriously from Day 1.

The SSH Rehabilitation Difference

Treatment at Support Systems Homes is the beginning of a new, better way of life. We provide a full spectrum of substance abuse treatment services — everything from emergency detox from drugs OR alcohol, to sober living homes throughout the San Jose area, to flexible treatment programs that take your lifestyle into account.

All within a warm, peer-oriented environment, guided by a compassionate, professional staff.

Staff and program participants work together to make your treatment unique to you. Individual treatment plans treat you as a whole person — body, mind and spirit. You’ll have team-based rehabilitation activities, aftercare planning, education on the real effects of drug abuse, participation in 12-step programs, and a support network to help you maintain your sobriety for many years to come.

What can you look forward to in these treatment plans? How about:

  • Art therapy sessions – Create beauty that helps you heal.
  • Yoga classes – Great for fitness, centering, and spiritual calm.
  • Music Therapy – SSH partners with to provide clients a rehab experience like no other. Recover from addiction…by making music! You write and play music alongside professional musicians. How’s that for a recovery motivation?
  • Telehealth – Receive treatment online, from the comfort of home. Works for all outpatient treatment programs!
  • Sober Living Homes – Our sober living environments (SLEs) located throughout Santa Clara County offer homelike, safe, drug-free living environments to those seeking longer-term recovery support.
  • Several more treatment options.

We are licensed and certified by the State of California, and our detox, residential, day treatment, and outpatient programs are accredited by CARF.

While our rehab centers are located in San Jose, California, Support Systems Homes welcomes clients from any location in California, and beyond.

As Seen on KRON4 Northern California

Hear stories from real Support Systems Homes clients, talking about addiction, coming to our treatment centers, and entering recovery.

What You Need to Know

You have the power to do it! All it takes is asking for help. We’re here when it’s time. We have the programs, the aftercare, and the experience to help you through.

The SSH treatment structure can help them seek recovery. They must choose to begin…but once they do, we have the programs and the expertise to guide them along the path.

Most insurance welcome here. Employer-provided benefits, union benefits, and insurance through Covered California.

Reclaim Your Life. Start Your Recovery Today.

Now you know what it means to “reclaim your life.” Start on your path today.

Select a treatment service from the list for program details:

  1. Residential Addiction Treatment
  2. Detox from Alcohol
  3. Detox from Opiates, Opioids, Heroin, Other Drugs
  4. Day Treatment
  5. Outpatient Rehab Program
  6. Post-Treatment Aftercare and Educational Programs
  7. A Sober Living Environment close to home

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