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Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800


Alcohol Recovery Starts with a Safe Detox

Many people continue to drink for years just to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Breaking that kind of pattern is NOT easy. If you’re afraid of withdrawal symptoms (or a loved one is), it’s completely natural. We can help.

Start Your Recovery With Stabilization: How the Detoxification Process Works

The US Department of Health and Human Services lists three steps in the detoxification process:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Stabilization
  3. Guiding into Treatment

Step 1 – Evaluate
Upon beginning alcohol detox, a patient (you) is first tested to see which specific substances are presently circulating in their bloodstream and the amount. Clinicians also evaluate the patient for potential co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, and mental/behavioral issues.

Step 2 – Stabilize
In this stage, the patient is guided through the process of detoxification. This may be done with or without the use of medications, but with medication is more common. At this time, you’re told what to expect during treatment and the recovery process. Where appropriate, close friends or family are brought in for support.

Stabilization must complete before you can fully take part in, and benefit from, a rehab program. Many of our patients are heavy drinkers (and sometimes drug users as well), which means that they must go through medically supervised detox as part of the recovery process.

Step 3 – Guiding into Treatment
The last step of the detox process is to ready the patient for long-term recovery. As alcohol detoxification only deals with the physical dependency and addiction, it does not address the psychological aspects of alcoholism. This stage entails obtaining agreement from the patient to complete the process by enrolling in a drug rehabilitation program.

Medically Supervised Detox - Find it at SSH

Support Systems Homes provides medically supervised detoxification services in a residential, non-hospital setting. The detoxification period is crucial, especially for those that have been drinking heavily for a long time.

“Can’t I Detox at Home?”

Do not detox from alcohol on your own. It’s very dangerous…especially if you’re alone. You could suffer a bad reaction, or injure yourself.

At the same time, don’t consider detox the same as an intervention. They’re not the same thing! Never Bringing someone to a detox center as the way to tell them they have a problem can trigger an angry reaction.

Instead, call a detox center near you, like SSH. We help stabilize your detox process safely, under supervision, with medical professionals on hand if needed. No risk to your safety.

Safe, Lasting Detox Leads to Effective Rehab

Detox is the first step in a lasting alcoholism recovery. It’s often seen as the hardest step…and in many cases that’s true. Which is why we pay special attention to our treatment center’s environment.

Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable rehab facility for those going through detoxification. Highly qualified, trained staff help support every client through the often-frightening prospect of detoxing. Many of our staff have been through similar situations, giving them a unique perspective and ability to guide clients with compassion.

Counseling and Education to Help You Toward Full Recovery from Alcoholism

Each client is paired with a credentialed counselor to:

  1. Help guide you through the detox process,
  2. Coordinate treatment services post-detox, and
  3. Identify the best treatment plan for your long-term recovery needs.

You’ll work with the counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan that support long-term recovery. Our clients also learn about identifying “triggers” for drinking and using other drugs, and how to cope with them in a healthy way. Instead of returning to substance abuse.

As soon as detox clients feel ready, they may participate in our educational groups, individual counseling sessions, and group counseling sessions.

Long-Term Sobriety Starts with Detox. Start Today.

Detox is the first step…the point where you take control of your life again. If you’re ready to quit drinking and start on the road to long-term recovery, it’s time for alcohol detox. Contact us to schedule your detox process today.