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We’re happy to announce another outpatient facility available to you!

The Location:

173 North Morrison Avenue
San Jose
Across the street from our primary rehab center

Outpatient Rehab for San Jose Families

In the past, we coordinated with another rehab center at this facility. Now the facility is fully ours to use, and yours to take advantage of.

What this Means for you: More Flexibility in an Outpatient Rehab Program

Our focus here is on Outpatient Rehab. If you’re not sure the difference, Outpatient Rehab involves:

  1. Educational and therapeutic groups for clients who live at home, or in a safe, stable living environment
  2. Individual counseling and treatment planning
  3. You have more freedom than a residential treatment program.
  4. Outpatient is great for clients who:
    1. Have successfully completed residential treatment, OR
    2. Can’t take time off work for rehab, OR
    3. Live in a sober living home and need extra support.

Outpatient groups take place during the day and evening, making it more convenient for you to attend. Your SSH counselor will help you select the schedule that works best for you.

Our Outpatient staff can also help with legal advocacy and job preparation, helping you transition fully from the disease of addiction to a productive, happy life.

San Jose Addiction Rehab Outpatient Facility
You are welcome to the Outpatient Rehab facility at Support Systems Homes.

Will Outpatient Rehab Help You?

If you, a friend, or a loved one has a busy life burdened by addiction, outpatient rehab may help. Please contact us at 800-811-1800 to ask about an outpatient program.

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