Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800
Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800

Addiction Rehab to Transform Your Life


Holistic, Private Addiction Rehab in the Bay Area

Bay Area Addiction Rehab in San Jose CAThe Bay Area’s known for transforming the world. We change how the world works, travels, and even lives.

Which might make you wonder…can you transform yourself? “Hack” an addiction out of your life?

Yes, you can. Come to Support Systems Homes in San Jose and you’re on your way.


Transform Yourself Out of Addiction into Recovery

We focus on helping our clients achieve and maintain abstinence from mind-altering substances, learn new methods to cope with life issues – and successfully reintegrate into society with a much better quality of life.

Every client is treated with dignity and respect during the treatment process. Our goal is personal transformation for our clients from despair, hopelessness, and fear to a renewed vision of life.


Can You Stop Addiction Without Rehab?

Functional Addiction Rehab for the Bay AreaYou may have thought about recovering from addiction on your own. In the Bay Area, home to “biohacking” and a hundred alternative therapy practices, it sounds possible to do…right?

Yes, it’s possible. But it’s unlikely to “stick.”

Stopping alcohol and/or drug use is one thing. Some people can do it with great effort. But there’s zero guarantee you’ll stay clean long-term.

That’s because addiction is more than just a physical process. Yes, it threatens your health, and that’s a huge reason not to use. Successful addiction rehab however, requires a more comprehensive approach.

We believe in holistic recovery—a rehab approach that treats the whole person. Mind, body, and spirit.

It’s the most effective way to confront and overcome addictions long-term. We’ve seen it transform lives over and over in our programs.


Holistic Addiction Rehab is Here in San Jose

Support Systems Homes in San JoseSupport Systems Homes has two alcohol and drug rehab center locations in San Jose. We serve the Greater Bay Area of Northern California; including Santa Clara County, Alameda County, San Mateo County, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz.

Some of the cities we serve include: Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Leandro, and San Francisco.

Support Systems Homes also has multiple sober living environments (SLEs) in the Bay Area. A house manager and assistant supervise every sober living home. It’s their job to provide structure and peer support to everyone in their home’s program.


Affordable Rehab Services

Now, the big question – “Can I afford this?”

Yes, you can. When we started Support Systems Homes in 1990, we wanted to make it a rehab center of the best quality, for the most affordable rates. Living in the Bay Area’s not cheap, after all!

Our staff members work to support California communities through outreach, education, and involvement in 12-step programs. They all know the affordability question looms large—and we all work to keep the treatment costs reasonable.

San Jose: 408-370-9688. Northern California/Toll Free: 800-811-1800


Plans Unique to You

Support Systems Homes in Northern CaliforniaWe’re all unique individuals here in the Bay Area. That’s part of its charm.

When it comes to addiction rehab, one rehab option will work better for you than it would someone else.

Solution? Provide a full suite of rehab program options, so you can choose your own!

You’ll work with a Support Systems Homes counselor to identify which rehab program suits your life situation. It may be a short, intense program. Or a longer, flexible week-by-week program that accommodates your work schedule. Or an in-between*.

What matters is that, when the program completes, you’ve achieved your transformation. Recovery from addiction. Empowered with tools to stay clean/sober long-term.

You’ll choose from these addiction rehab services:

*Your individual treatment plan determines your length of stay.


Stay in ‘Clean Mode’ with FREE Aftercare

Silicon Valley Affordable Drug RehabRecovery doesn’t end when you complete your rehab program. You’ve begun a lifelong process of growth, transforming every aspect of your life once affected by addiction.

To support you in this long-term recovery, we provide you free weekly aftercare. Whichever rehab program you attended (residential, day, outpatient), you’re welcome to attend aftercare meetings.

Aftercare at SSH goes like this:

  • The aftercare group meets weekly. One of our counselors runs the meeting.
  • The counselor helps guide attendees in their long-term recovery efforts.
  • Need encouragement? Advice? Just want to talk with friends who understand? That’s what aftercare’s for.
  • Aftercare is a forum for you to explore successes, obstacles, and day-to-day issues.
  • Everyone gives and receives support.

Bottom line: Aftercare helps you stay in “clean mode.” It’s the key to a healthy recovery from addiction.


Real Privacy for Everyone in the Bay Area

The Bay Area put the whole concept of “online privacy” on the map. Since addiction rehab is a very personal process, it’s natural to worry about your privacy while considering or undergoing treatment.

You’ll be happy to know that SSH takes every possible precaution to maintain your privacy, during and after your rehab with us. How do we do that?

  • All communications with us are secured and never shared
  • We seal all client records upon program completion
  • We work with local and district courts, to help you with legal matters
  • We use private servers for data storage & backups, to preserve the data’s integrity


How to Get Started: One Email, or One Call

Road to Addiction RecoveryStart your transformation to a life free from addiction today! Use this assessment form to see if you truly suffer from addiction.

Contact SSH in Northern California

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