Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800
Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800


Addiction Treatment
Non-Opioid Pain Therapy
A New Type of Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Therapy is On Its Way The largest source of new opioid addiction is, sadly, individuals prescribed opioids for pain management. They need to manage their chronic, sometimes-incurable pain, but the solution generates millions of addiction sufferers. We struggle both with opioid addictions, and our own pharmaceutical companies &...
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Opiate Withdrawal and Detox
To an opiate or opioid addict, ‘withdrawal’ is a monster always ready to pounce. It’s natural to want to avoid withdrawal pain! However, if you know what to expect during a withdrawal, it loses its fangs. Withdrawal is Intense, But Survivable The very word ‘withdrawal’ conjures up images of people curled into a ball on...
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