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Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800


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Sober living plays a critical role in the process of recovering from substance abuse.

Support Systems Homes has numerous sober living environments (or SLEs) in our network. Each SLE provides a clean, safe, drug-free living environment. If you’re in or near the San Jose area, we have a sober living home near you.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A Sober Living Environment is a safe, controlled space for you to live in temporarily. The controlled space plays a critical role in your recovery from alcohol/drug addiction. You may have also heard of them as ‘alcohol recovery homes’ or ‘transitional housing.’

They take the form of a dedicated home (like a single-family) with multiple bedrooms, or apartments in a single building. Clients each have a room or apartment to themselves, and share some communal areas like a kitchen.

What You Find in an SLE: Supervision and Support

In every Sober Living Environment we post a house manager and assistant manager for supervision and guidance. They will ensure that the homes offer structure and strong peer support. As a client of ours, you’ll work or attend school during the day, attend treatment sessions, and engage in recovery or social activities in the evenings.

We have highly trained, professional, compassionate staff members who are experienced in the recovery process ready to assist you.

Staying Active to Move Toward Recovery

SLE residents must stay active in recovery activities. Everyone attends five 12-step-related meetings and 5 in-house meetings each week. You’ll have an AA or NA sponsor within 15 days of entering our sober living environments.

Clients must agree to random urinalysis as part of participation. We are also able to accommodate testing for court referrals, employers, probation, and other agencies.

Washing Hands Coronavirus Protection

Health Safety & Cleaning in All SSH Sober Living Environments

Concerned about social distancing in a sober living home? At SSH, there’s no need to worry. Our sober living homes have plenty of space to comply with distancing recommendations. The homes also incorporate cleaning routines, and receive regular sanitizing to keep risk down.

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SLE-Related Services

Our sober living environments include referrals to a vast network of community resources, professional counseling, court liaison services, long-term aftercare and recovery planning, extensive drug and alcohol education, and relapse prevention counseling.

This way, when you’ve completed your stay in our Sober Living Environment and are ready for long-term recovery, you’ll have support for building a new life.

Today our son is one year free of drugs and alcohol. We want you to know how highly we value the contribution you, your staff and the Support Systems philosophy have made to his recovery. This has been a long and bumpy road, with many detours along the way. The reality is it’s a never-ending road, requiring constant maintenance. We didn’t give up hope, and neither did Support Systems.

The consistency of the Support Systems philosophy made this milestone possible for our son. All along the way, your messages were clear and concise, providing him with the tools he needed to be successful, in particular a SPONSOR and the STEPS. Still today, he diligently uses these resources, and there is no doubt they are the keys to his sobriety. We want to share our success story with others and confidently recommend Support Systems. You did your job and did it well. Thank You Support Systems!

D.Mother of an SSH Alumnus


Think of Sober Living Homes as a “rest stop” on the road to recovery. They help you transition into a life free of addiction.

To take that step, contact Support Systems Homes today.