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Addiction Physical Effects
Something that surprises many of our clients is the importance of diet in rehabilitation. Why? Addiction has one of the most damaging effects possible on our bodies. Restoring a healthy diet goes a long way toward recovering from the addiction. A healthy body helps promote a healthy mind. And a healthy mind is what you’ll...
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Pain Relief Research
Two Drugs Are Coming to Help – Without the Opioid Addiction Risk Since the population of America is aging at an exponential rate – the number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to more than double by 2060 – and in keeping with the osteoarthritis/non-narcotic chronic pain relief theme of our last blog...
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Non-Opioid Pain Therapy
A New Type of Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Therapy is On Its Way The largest source of new opioid addiction is, sadly, individuals prescribed opioids for pain management. They need to manage their chronic, sometimes-incurable pain, but the solution generates millions of addiction sufferers. We struggle both with opioid addictions, and our own pharmaceutical companies &...
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Opiate Withdrawal and Detox
To an opiate or opioid addict, ‘withdrawal’ is a monster always ready to pounce. It’s natural to want to avoid withdrawal pain! However, if you know what to expect during a withdrawal, it loses its fangs. Withdrawal is Intense, But Survivable The very word ‘withdrawal’ conjures up images of people curled into a ball on...
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