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Free Confidential Consultation: 408-370-9688 Or 800-811-1800

The Importance of Staying Connected – How Aftercare Helps You Stay in Recovery

Stay Connected Post-Recovery with Aftercare

Substance abuse is an isolating disease. It strips us of our ability to think clearly. Our ability to function normally, in almost every aspect of our lives. It’s not something you “get over” quickly.

Historically, substance use disorder (SUD) treatment data has shown that length of treatment, program completion, and aftercare participation all have significant positive effects on recovery. In this post we’ll talk about that last point: participation in an Aftercare program.

Where Aftercare Comes In During Addiction Treatment

Learning how to change your life – and how to sustain that change over the long term – takes time and effort. A lot of effort. You’re reclaiming your life from a painful isolation, and changing it back into a whole person who connects with others.

However, some of the most difficult parts of the journey take place AFTER people complete a treatment program, and go home. You’re out of the structured environment that facilitated your recovery. No one’s helping you each & every day, providing a watchful eye and a gentle direction. It’s up to you now. You’re in charge of your own life.

How do you cope with living substance-free on your own?

Aftercare: Regular Support for a Drug-Free Recovery

You get support from others, that’s how! Regular support from professionals and fellow addicts in recovery alike. This is called “Aftercare.”

At some point, everyone needs a little more support, if they want to keep their recovery going. This is why every client who completes a Support Systems Homes treatment program – whether it’s detoxification, residential treatment, day treatment, or outpatient rehab – has the opportunity to support their recovery long-term through our Aftercare program.

SSH’s Aftercare program takes place once a week, in the evenings. An experienced facilitator, who has faced many of the same issues you have, leads the meetings. What do they talk about? The challenges each of you face, and the successes you’ve achieved, as you each work on building up your life. Aftercare is always interactive—peers give one another constructive feedback and support, as the facilitator guides the sessions.

The best part? Aftercare is free! And you can attend for as long as you’d like, whenever you’d like.

You may wonder, “Is it safe to go to an aftercare group session, given COVID concerns?” Yes, it is completely safe. We have taken safety precautions for all of our meeting spaces, including the aftercare meeting rooms.

Find out more about Aftercare, and how it can help your recovery, on our Aftercare service page.

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