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Rock to Recovery Music Therapy

You might think an addiction treatment program would be boring. It might even keep you away from a rehab center, thinking your days would drag on, reducing life to a dull haze.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in this post we’re going to explain just how exciting treatment can get.

Some of our clients choose “music therapy” as one of their treatment activities. What’s that? It’s an opportunity to have a blast, AND work toward recovery at the same time.

What’s “Music Therapy?”

The age-old saying goes, “Music soothes the savage beast.”

It’s true, in many ways. Music helps us on every level, from simple enjoyment to energizing the body and mind. The power of music can even help you recover from addiction. Not just by listening to it though…but by creating it.

Music therapy requires action. No sitting in a chair for this. You write and play music, expressing your own thoughts and feelings as a way to deal with them.

This is one of the benefits of participating in our treatment programs…and we have the best assistance out there. Our clients in music therapy get to work side-by-side with professional musicians.

Rock to Recovery Music Therapy
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How Music Therapy Works at SSH

To bring music therapy to the SSH rehab centers, we partnered with Rock to Recovery –

Wesley Greer, a professional musician, formed Rock to Recovery in 2012. He’s played for several bands, including Korn, and taught music for years. Wes is also in recovery, and realized during his own treatment that music could be a powerful tool for recovery. As he says, “And so began Rock to Recovery.”

The group has had fantastic success since it started. They’ve incorporated into the treatment programs in dozens of rehab centers nationwide…including Support Systems Homes.

The Rock to Recovery members work with clients in treatment to write, play, and record songs. Essentially, they form bands in the rehab centers!

This music’s then shared on the Rock to Recovery Soundcloud account and social media. Rock to Recovery also works with veterans, victims of abuse, juvenile justice centers, and “anywhere there is a need for the healing power of music.”

What You Get from Music Therapy

Music helps us smile. It raises our energy. Inspires us to play, to dance, to grow. Most importantly, music helps us move past fear, toward hope.

It inspires the best parts of us.

By using music as therapy – making the act of creating music part of each client’s recovery efforts – you gain an immense sense of direction. You’re part of a group. A band. You’re making something beautiful together. You’re expressing yourself in a safe, enjoyable way.

Best of all, it’s 100% clean and sober fun!

Music Therapy Gives Hope, Direction, and a Way Back to a Joyful Life

“You want to get a drink?”
“No thanks, I’m in rehab. 20 days sober.”
“Must be boring. What do you do all day in rehab?”
“We make rock music.”
“Oh…well, that’s pretty awesome. It really helps?”
“Sure does!”

That’s the sort of thing we want to hear from clients. It’s a rehab experience like no other. You recover from addiction by making music! How’s that for motivation?

Music Therapy Program San Jose
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Have you experienced music therapy? Please share what you enjoyed about it!

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