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San Jose Residential Drug Rehab
Trauma Doesn't Have to Lead to Relapse
(Guest Post from Nicky Sarandrea) A traumatic event is one of the biggest catalysts for a relapse. A death, accident, breakup—these events can send a recovering addict into a whirlwind of anxiety, depression and anger, leading them to relapse and undoing all that hard work. Recovery takes time and life never runs smoothly, so these...
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Fentanyl Drug Rehab
Why California Workers use Fentanyl, and What it Does to Your Life On January 31, the U.S. Border Patrol seized 254 pounds of fentanyl and 395 pounds of methamphetamine at the Arizona border. Street value of the fentanyl totaled about $3.5 million; the meth, $1.1 million. They found the drugs in hidden compartments of a...
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Support Systems Homes - Ongoing Relapse Prevention Support, San Jose CA
Support Systems Homes Day and Outpatient Rehab San Jose, CA Rehab Centers Support Systems Homes has outpatient treatment at our convenient San Jose locations. Hours are flexible (daytime or nighttime) to fit your needs. Have you finished residential rehab – but feel like you could use more support? Or maybe, you’re looking for a treatment program that fits...
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Support Systems Homes - Functional Addiction Recovery, San Jose CA
‘Smart’ Drug Meth Breaks Bad on Users. In 1967: Speed Kills  |  In 2018: Meth as Cognitive Enhancer | Same Drug, Same Side Effects, Upgraded 2018 Branding. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Edmund Burke The popularity of drugs – like fashion – goes through cycles. Summer of Love, 1967...
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