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Addiction in the News
There’s no shortage of problems spawned by the pandemic. One deserves more attention than it’s getting, even now. Those suffering from addiction to opioids are worse off than they were in January. While we still don’t know the true cost nationwide, it’s worth talking about the problem, and what (if anything) we can do to...
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Ayahuasca Use in Bay Area
Have you ever heard of “Ayahuasca?” You may have already…it’s a popular search term here in the Bay Area. Also known as “Yage,” it’s a uniquely powerful hallucinogen. So powerful that some insist it’s a priceless medicine, not any sort of drug. However, that perception masks the very real risks of the substance. What does...
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Video Gaming Addiction
Video gaming can now officially become an addiction, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In the WHO’s 11th edition of its “International Classification of Diseases,” you’ll find an entry for “Gaming Disorder” as an addictive condition. Here’s a direct link: Gaming Disorder – WHO. To qualify as having a ‘gaming disorder,’ the WHO states...
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