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Anthony Bourdain Alcoholism Addiction
Anthony Bourdain Alcoholism Addiction
Anthony Bourdain. Photo courtesy of the Miami Herald.

We may never know the reason behind Anthony Bourdain’s tragic suicide. But addiction to alcohol may have contributed.

The Miami Herald published a powerful column calling for a conversation about alcoholism as a dangerous addiction, citing Bourdain’s suicide as troubling evidence for just how dangerous it is.

Can we talk about alcoholism and Anthony Bourdain? – Miami Herald (June 18, 2018)

We could not agree more.

A quote from the article:

“Alcohol ‘works’ for the alcoholic until it doesn’t. It promises and delivers what we seek from it for years, until it stops working.”

This is so true it’s heartbreaking. Bourdain may have relied on drinking as a crutch, on-camera and off. Towle’s observations about ‘recognizing an addict’ in Bourdain’s TV shows are spot-on.

Please remember: Alcohol is a depressant. It slows the brain down. You feel relaxed, calmer…and then confused. Foggy. Nauseous. You may feel like you’re escaping your problems, but you’re not. You’re only disrupting your ability to deal with them. Sometimes this is enough to keep going.

But for some, this disruption leads to a feeling of helplessness. “I can’t handle it anymore,” you might think. Those thoughts lead to dark places…including suicide.

Anthony Bourdain lived an amazing life. One that should not have ended so suddenly. This is what addiction, of which alcoholism is a part, does to people.

We at Support Systems Homes are grateful to Jo Ann Towle for writing this piece. If you or someone you know drinks, it is more than worth a read. Let’s talk about alcoholism as a disease…because that’s what it is.

The good news is, you can treat alcoholism and recover from it…if you seek help. Before it’s too late.

To talk with someone about alcoholism and treatment, call Support Systems Homes at 408-370-9688.

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